Car Wash Construction

Any kind—self-serve car washes, automatic roll-overs, or tunnel car washes. We can take your project from land development, design & construction, through the installation of your choice of car wash equipment.
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Tunnel Car Wash Systems

Tunnel car washes include many different sophisticated systems. We know how to build to equipment manufacturers’ specifications, and how to design and construct a car wash for durability and reliability.
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Why Hire a Specialist?

Car wash construction is not a project for an inexperienced general contractor. A successful car wash must be built for profitability. ASLAN CAR WASH CONSTRUCTION has experience in both building car washes and operating them.
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Project Gallery

View examples of some of the different car washes ASLAN CAR WASH CONSTRUCTION has built in Colorado. Let us help you put your budget to work to create the most efficient and attractive car wash possible. View Now